Herniated Disc, cifoscoliosis, lumbosciatics, arthritis, osteoporosis, diseases that patients increasingly support them harder, make each of them to understand after multiple treatments with anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy, etc. as breath, blood oxygenation is better that the functions of muscular system, nervous system and bone to grow amazingly.

In conclusion we propose a different way of life associated with complexes of the B's made ​​from plants and grains, which are vital for better oxygenation of the blood of smooth muscles, tired bodies and increasing their immunity.

Oxygen is life, evidence that life exists only on Earth.

Let us breathe air that is free for now. Let us fed diets rich in easily assimilable vitamins, not synthetic.

Let's drink good water not from a tap not the filters, and of course, without artificial colors and flavors.

You're always in good health!

The cabinet is made ​​according to global norms used in back pain, is equipped with modern U.S. equipment and the latest technology - 3G, Miovision, noninvasive, which scans the patient's spine and to inform the real state of wear of the spine. You can contact Mr. Brindusa for information and appointments
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Mr. Sandu Brindusa will participate to
International Conference on Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Arad