In the spine there is a channel that has bone marrow and nerves. Marrow can be likened to a bundle of wires which regulates all cells, tissues and body organs.

Back pain occurs in several cases in different regions of the spine, depending on physical or physiological shock that irrigate vertebrae and nerves that they have suffered. It is important to know that "we never hurt tooth or back, but we hurt the nerves that irrigate them". There should be noted that most of the times, treatments given in hospitals treat only the symptoms (pain) with painkillers and anti-inflammatory, with physiotherapy, massage, electro recovery, spas, etc.., which improve, but do not heal. The cause of the nerve pain, changing position or changing vertebrae bone cells, are never considered by these treatments, but only their effects, and as a result patients continue to live in pain.

Energochiropractic is a procedure, which uses several harmless techniques: acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, massage and breast-energotherapy.

There are some difficult ways to follow when the patient has lost real position of vertebrae, ligaments, bones, etc.. as a result of fell, compaction, elongation, twist.

By deep concentration, by positioning, accurate shooting in memory of those states, Mr. Brindusa succeeds using his hands to find an angle or multiple angles to maneuvers through some of these imbalances back to normal state and the patient no longer feels pain and difficulty in moving. "By concentration I succeed coupling certain blocked energy channels or finding them forming an angle according to which the vertebrae rearrange , the intervertebral discs and nerves strangle back to normal and the pain improves or even disappear”.

Because of the wrong positions adopted during the day and night, while driving or other activities, because of obesity, joints are moving from their place and the vertebrae can settle, move, appearing muscle contractures resulting in posts which in time lead to vicious deflection and deformation of the spine.

Deviations and deformities are treated for medical diseases of the spine and have major implications on certain internal organs, and therefore must be treated in time. Energochiropractic procedures are very effective and more beneficial than other conventional recovery methods, such as:

- medical gymnastics, which is long and is recommended by Mr Brandusa after the rearrangement of the spine with a procedure of energochiropractic because he says: “a wound should be touched not even with a feather.”
- plaster or bodice device is awkward, difficult and not always effective
- medicines are useless in this situation.
- operations are risky (the pacient can paralyze), very expensive and require a long recovery

Mr. Brindusa says: “it happened to me to meet in hospitals people in crutches, who were hospitalized for several days with acute lombosciatic, herniated disc and who had had 10 sessions on reflexotherapy with no result and who left the hospital after one of my procedures ”

This is an explanation of the fact that the patients who werediagnosed by MRI's with herniated disc, can play football after one, maximum three Brindusa procedures .

Besides the energochiropractic procedure, Mr. Brindusa gives to patients a series of physical exercises and breathing energochiropractic exercises daily and requires no special effort being adjusted depending on the disease. The breathing exercises are done in sets of three, breathing deeply through your nose and exhaling through your mouth with his tongue out. So the new oxygen it is no longer mettting the old one, inappropriate to breath like stayed drinking water. Physical exercises are necessary for health and longevity. Without physical exercises practiced regularly, the internal protection of the organism against free radicals could become too fragile to benefit fully of the effect of the energochiropractic procedure.

The energochiropractic procedure is addressed to all people from 0 to 100 years because prevents, relieves and cures the following diseases including the bone pains like:

herniated discdiscopathy
spondilosys(headaches)protrusion with compression on the dural bag
degeneration of intervertebral discsforcepsing of the intervertebral spaces
ankylosing spondylitisarthritis (gonarthritis, coxarthritis, feetarthritis)
periartrithis scapular-hangers (soulder arthritis)rheumatoid poliarthritis
acute articular rheumatismPsyhogen rheumatism
dysplasia or dislocation of the hip in infantsscoliosys
ostheoporosysosteopenia, bone spurs (beaks)
gout femoral head necrosis
hemangiomsAsthma through the release of the column at the thoracal level
injuries in road accidents, wrecksetc

What’s causing the success of his procedure? Mr. Brindusa says: “energochiropractic is a procedure which has disciplined me in a extremely powerful and vigorous lifestyle. That’s why I mention that this procedure can’t be done or learned fast by anyone. First of all it must be lived. Personally I thank God for the gift given to me and for the knowledge gain in university and during the stages with shaolin monks adapted and improved along 31 years of experience!”

In conclusion, energochiropractics take into account each muscle functions, operating state of the time and exact positions through the pain affects the muscles. That makes the difference!