Actually, he is Brandusa Simion-Sandel, a professor therapist , member of National Association of Complementary Therapies from Romania. (anatecor.ro)

Every year, in September he attends the International Conference on Complementary and Alternative Therapies from Arad, Romania

On 13/11/2006 it was patented a potential vector of steady-state Brindusa life philosophy that says “Where thought don’t enters the mind does not reach” to provide services to perform medical treatment.

Energochiropractic, the surgery of the back-pain with no-scalpel, the lifestyle and Brindusa vitamins are based on this vector and as a result of his research over 31 years in the field are applied practically in his personal life and then offered to his patients.

Since 2008 he is associate and partner with a company in Geneva, Switzerland, where he earned a certificate in anatomy- physiology and pathology. Mr. Brindusa is in collaboration with family doctors and specialists who agree with his therapy and who advise their patients to go to his cabinet. Also in Switzerland, the Interlabor, Belp, did a chemical analysis of Brindusa vitamins.

Brindusa has been special guest in various television shows and his articles have been published in several newspapers and journals as well as the site www.topmedici.ro